This book guides the reader through the fascinating world of bees, by means of the simple language of images. It doesn't have any pretension of investigating the scientific knowledge about these thrilling insects, but it has informative aims instead.

As a matter of fact, knowing them to defend them, is the unavoidable idea that lets us safeguard the ecosystems and the little - but still fundamental - forms of life.

Knowing them to improve our lives is a second concept developed through these pages, to highlight, on the one hand the bees' extraordinary virtues, on the other hand humans' shortcomings.

On the front cover the bee emerges from a dandelion flower and will guide the reader in the discovery of its world. The last image, i.e. the bee flying away, is an invitation to follow it in the extraordinary world of nature, which we tend to overlook most of the times.
This book is principally addressed to schools, but I hope it will also be appreciated by a wider audience, e.g. beekeepers, naturalists, and people with common interests.

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The digital iBook lets us merge pictures, texts, videos, and music in one single and interactive product, which has an extraordinary communicative capacity.
The bees' world, with its pictures, the buzz of the flying insects, and the emotions it arouses, has lead us to the drawing up of this book.
The pictures and texts will guide us in the most important moments connected to the bees' life: the work in the fields and the blooming trees, the life inside the hive, the swarming, the danger of the numerous predators.
Many interactive pictures will make the knowledge of specific terms of apiculture and of the scientific world easier. Furthermore you will be able to check your level of knowledge about bees by means of simple tests.

Requirements: this book can be read only by iBook2 on iPad. iOS 5 is required.

Video strip cartoon "Bees' brilliant life!"

This video strip cartoon explores the life of one family of bees, and is told by a newly born bee, i.e. the first person narrator.
The dialogue between this bee and the more-experienced fellow bees will allow the reader to better understand this social insects' extraordinary life.
The language used is mainly addressed to elementary and middle school students.
This video, thus, may serve as a useful tool that offers for free to schools, local authorities, and associations, which may require it in order to broaden knowledge, and urge the attention toward the safeguard of the environment around us.

Power Point presentation

The Power Point presentation has been realized in order to facilitate the didactic task. At the foot of each slide you can find the new words that are introduced and references to the various chapters of the book.
The presentation is divided into six chapters and requires about two classes, each lasting one hour.
Our suggestion is to introduce first of all the video strip cartoon, then to open a discussion and answer to the students' numerous curiosities, and to deal in a deeper way with the various topics in the following classes, by means of Power Point.

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